Factors To Keep In Mind While Purchasing Pressure Transmitters

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Keeping a track of a device’s pressure has become easy with pressure transmitters. Without much effort, you can easily monitor and record pressure or differential pressure. The job of a pressure transmitter is to convert applied pressure on a device into an electrical signal, which is further transmitted to a recorder, digital meter, or programmable logic controller to analyze received electrical signals. This data helps to record and modify pressure, especially in areas prone to explosions. To maintain a secure environment, the application of safe and explosion-proof pressure transmitters is essential. Not only this, you have to keep certain factors in mind, that we have mentioned here, while using pressure transmitters as they are designed with specific limitations:

Noshok Pressure transmitters can operate, without causing glitches, within a certain temperature range. A frequent change in the temperature cycle affects transmitter performance and accuracy. Though a little fluctuation causes no harm, a long term exposure to above or below specified temperature may cause transmitter failure.
Pressure transmitters are used for measuring and recording pressure but when the recommended pressure range exceeds, it reduces the lifetime of the transmitter device. In some applications, pressure spikes are very common, which could be dangerous for working areas. To keep the environment hazard-free, it is recommended to use safe and explosion-proof pressure transmitters.

Transmitter housing protects devices against vapor penetration during high humid conditions. But long-time exposure to humidity results in corrosion which ultimately causes penetration of moisture.  Despite the protection, the pressure transmitter may fail.
The installation of transmitters in areas with prolonged vibration reduces its service life. The reason is continuous shakes cause malfunction in the pressure transmitter which ultimately leads to device failure. 

Chemical Damage
The lifespan or premature failure of pressure transmitters highly depends on the area of installation. If the device is exposed to chemicals, eventually the lifetime of the transmitter will shorten. Therefore, it is important to avoid corrosive chemicals near the installation area of pressure transmitters. 

Using the wrong type of pressure transmitter for an application causes the failure of the device. This is why it is important to select an appropriate explosion free pressure measuring unit where the chances of an explosion are high. 

Maintaining a secure environment is possible with Noshok explosion free pressure transmitters. When you need a pressure measuring device, simply go through the list of transmitters offered here to select the best for your application.

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