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        Noshok 300 series BACK CONNECTION 3 Inch DIAMETER 1/2" NPT 30-310-Instrument Type Bimetal Thermometers

        • Brand:NOSHOK
        • Product Code: 30-310-series
        • 2020 prices
        • Availability: 3-4 weeks
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        Available Options

        *DIAL SIZE:
        *Case Types:
        *Temperature Ranges -DUAL SCALE "F/"C:
        *STEM LENGTH:

        300 Series Instrument Type Bimetal Thermometers


        3 Year Warranty

        • Highest quality thermometers available on the market
        • Corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel case and bezel provide a hermetic seal to prevent lens fogging and moisture damage
        • Temperature ranges from -100 °F to 150 °F through 200 °F to 1,000 °F, single and dual scales available
        • Accuracy: ±1% full scale, Grade A, ASME B40.3
        • 3" and 5" sizes - center back and bottom connections
        • Adjustable angle connection on 30-320 and 50-320 models
        • 1/2" NPT connection
        • 2-1/2" to 72" stem lengths available
        • Heavy-duty 316 stainless steel stem (0.375" diameter) optional
        • Minimum or maximum indicating pointers are available in 3" and 5" sizes
        • The bimetal element is an extremely responsive temperature sensing helix which has been carefully sized, tested, heat-treated and aged to relieve inherent stresses and ensure continued accuracy
        • Slotted hex head adjustment offers field calibration for maximum accuracy at a selected range
        • For accurate readings, the minimum recommended stem immersion is 2-1/2" in liquids and 4" in gases
        • Options include laminated safety glass lenses, special ranges, custom dial layouts,
          special stems, different connections (1/4" and 3/8" NPT Male), and a silicone liquid filled
          option is available for applications involving severe vibration

             Note: Thermowells are recommended for pressure, corrosive fluids and high velocity


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        DIAL SIZES303"505"  
        CASE TYPES300Bottom connection310Back connection320Adjustable angle connection
        STEM LENGTHS0252.5"12012"30030"
        Dual Scale °F/°C
        -100/150 F/C-100 °F/C to 150 °F/C30/130 F/C30 °F/C to 130 °F/C50/500 F/C50 °F/C to 500 °F/C
        -80/120 F/C-80 °F/C to 120 °F/C0/140 F/C0 °F/C to 140 °F/C50/550 F/C50 °F/C to 550 °F/C
        -40/120 F/C-40 °F/C to 120 °F/C0/200 F/C0 °F/C to 200 °F/C0/600 F/C0 °F/C to 600 °F/C
        -20/120 F/C-20 °F/C to 120 °F/C0/250 F/C0 °F/C to 250 °F/C150/750 F/C150 °F/C to 750 °F/C
        -40/160 F/C-40 °F/C to 160 °F/C20/240 F/C20 °F/C to 240 °F/C100/800 F/C100 °F/C to 800 °F/C
        0/100 F/C0 °F/C to 100 °F/C50/300 F/C50 °F/C to 300 °F/C200/1000 F/C200 °F/C to 1,000 °F/C
        25/125 F/C25 °F/C to 125 °F/C50/400 F/C50 °F/C to 400 °F/C  
        Single Scale °F-100/150 F-100 °F to 150 °F30/130 F30 °F to 130 °F50/500 F50 °F to 500 °F
        -80/120 F-80 °F to 120 °F0/140 F0 °F to 140 °F50/550 F50 °F to 550 °F
        -40/120 F-40 °F to 120 °F0/200 F0 °F to 200 °F0/600 F0 °F to 600 °F
        -20/120 F-20 °F to 120 °F0/250 F0 °F to 250 °F150/750 F150 °F to 750 °F
        -40/160 F-40 °F to 160 °F20/240 F20 °F to 240 °F100/800 F100 °F to 800 °F
        0/100 F0 °F to 100 °F50/300 F50 °F to 300 °F200/1000 F200 °F to 1,000 °F
        25/125 F25 °F to 125 °F50/400 F50 °F to 400 °F  
        Single Scale °C-70/70 C-70 °C to 70 °C0/55 C0 °C to 55 °C0/250 C0 °C to 250 °C
        -60/50 C-60 °C to 50 °C-20/60 C-20 °C to 60 °C10/290 C10 °C to 290 °C
        -50/50 C-50 °C to 50 °C0/100 C0 °C to 100 °C-20/315 C-20 °C to 315 °C
        -30/50 C-30 °C to 50 °C-20/120 C-20 °C to 120 °C0/300 C0 °C to 300 °C
        -40/70 C-40 °C to 70 °C-10/110 C-10 °C to 110 °C0/450 C0 °C to 450 °C
        -20/40 C-20 °C to 40 °C0/150 C0 °C to 150 °C100/550 C100 °C to 550 °C
        0/50 C0 °C to 50 °C0/200 C0 °C to 200 °C  
         Consult factory for additional temperature ranges   
        OPTIONS1/41/4" NPTSGSafety Glass LensHDHeavy-Duty Stem (0.375" Dia.)
        3/83/8" NPTLLPolycarbonate LensAU1/2" NPT Adjustable Union
        1/21/2" NPT*MIPMaximum Indicating Pointer††SLSilicone Filled (500 °F Max)**
        PLAcrylic Lens316316 SS Connection & StemMMManocont Movement

           Please consult your local NOSHOK Distributor or NOSHOK, Inc. for availability and delivery information.

           *   Standard connection on 3" dial size
           **  Requires acrylic lens option
           †   Not available with 2-1/2" stem length
           †† Only available on 310 Series case type

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