Industrial Type Bimetal Thermometer-100 Series

Industrial Type Bimetal Thermometer-100 Series

100 Series Industrial Type Bimetal Thermometer

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Noshok 30-110-025--100/150-F/C 3" Bimetal, 1/2" National Pipe Thread (NPT) Back Connection Thermometer
Noshok 30-110-025--100/150-F/C 3 Bimetal Thermometer, 1/2 NPT Back Noshok 30-110-025--100/150-F/C..
Noshok 30-110-025-0/50-C 3, 1/2 NPT Back Connection Bimetal Thermometer
Noshok 30-110-025-0/50-C  3, 1/2 NPT Back Connection  Bimetal Thermometer D..
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