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          Noshok 29-02S-S-04S-1F High Volumetric Displacement, Non-Replaceable Diaphragm Seal

          • Brand:NOSHOK
          • Product Code: 29-02S-S-04S-1F
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          Noshok 29-02S-S-04S-1F High Volumetric Displacement, Non-Replaceable Diaphragm Seal

          Type 29 High Volumetric Displacement, Non-Replaceable Diaphragm Seals



          • An off-line seal with a threaded connection and all welded, all metallic housing
            design that does not utilize an o-ring or gasket
          • Can be used for remote mounting of pressure instrument(s) with capillary
          • Designed with a larger diameter diaphragm for higher displacement capability
          • A variety of upper and lower housing and diaphragm materials are available
            to suit most applications
          • A flushing port is available to clean wetted areas and prevent process
            media build up
          • Consider instrument size, pressure range, media composition, ambient and
            operating temperature, and maximum working pressure when selecting
          • Capillaries and cooling elements are available for elevated process temperatures,
            see accessories
          • Fill fluid must be compatible with process media; i.e. Glycerine may become
            volatile in conjunction with a strong oxidizing agent such as chlorine, forms of
            oxygen or peroxide and nitric acids
          Tech Manual 



          UPPER HOUSING MATERIALSMMonel 400PCarpenter 20S316 Stainless steel
          DIAPHRAGM MATERIALSHHastelloy C-276PCarpenter 201  
          MMonel 4001S316 Stainless steel  
          PROCESS CONNECTION SIZES021/4" NPT063/4" NPT  
          041/2" NPT081" NPT  
          LOWER HOUSING MATERIALSHHastelloy C-276PCarpenter 20  
          MMonel 400S316 Stainless steel  

              Please consult your local NOSHOK Distributor or NOSHOK, Inc. for availability and delivery information.
              1 When selecting a Monel or Carpenter 20 diaphragm, the upper and lower housing must be the same material.

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