A User Guide For Choosing The Right Noshok Sanitary Products

For businesses involved in food, beverage, and dairy industry, choosing the right sanitation control instruments is a critical task. These products are essential for complying with standards set by Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Such businesses do not only need to monitor the quality of their products, but also take measures for ensuring personnel hygiene, careful handling of ingredients, monitor storage areas and maintain a healthy environment in their facility. Installing the right sanitary sensors for temperature, pressure, flow, and level control applications can prove to be of great help in preventing inadvertent contamination of products.

When it comes to measurement and automation devices, new products by Noshok always stand out from the rest. Their sanitary products are incorporated with minimal fill fluids around the diaphragm. Additionally, their sensors are close to the media and allow active temperature compensation. These features contribute greatly in maintaining sterility and avoiding contamination of the end-products. While choosing such products for your facility, going for models having a fine stainless steel structure and clean-in place abilities is not sufficient. Here are a few features that you must look-out for while choosing the right sanitary senor:-

  • Easy programming options

Choosing a sanitary pressure transmitter that allows programming via on-board display can simplify your tasks to a great extent. You will no longer have to rely on reference pressure ranges for making suitable adjustments.

  • High turndown ratios

Turndown ratios are an indicator of the working range for which the flow rate can be accurately measured. Choose sanitary products that can be used in different applications without major adjustment issues.

  • Protocol compliance

While choosing the industrial automation products, all standard regulations must be taken into account. It is better to go for products that meet 3A requirements, are CE compliant, and CIP or SIP in nature.

Mass Measure is an authorized distributor of Noshok products. If you want to purchase quality sanitary products, scroll through the collection of Noshok and find the right match for your business.

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