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        Noshok 300/400/600/700/900 Series Vapor Actuated Remote Dial Indicating Thermometers

        • Brand:NOSHOK
        • Product Code: 300/400/600/700/900 Series Vapor Remote Dial Thermometers
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        *TEMPERATURE RANGES-remote:

        Noshok 300/400/600/700/900 Series Vapor Actuated Remote Dial Indicating Thermometers

        300/400/600/700/900 Series Vapor Actuated Remote Dial Indicating Thermometers


        3 Year Warranty

        • Indicates media temperature using a temperature-actuated liquid in the sensing element and a highly accurate, high quality pressure gauge
        • As the media temperature increases, the capillary fill fluid vaporizes, increasing pressure in the Bourdon tube to activate the movement and pointer for proper indication
        • Ranges available from -40 °F/C to 60 °F/C through 100 °F/C to 350 °F/C
        • 2-1/2", 4", 4-1/2" and 6" sizes
        • Brass, stainless steel, or phenolic case
        • Dry or liquid filled
        • Bottom, back or lower back connected
        • Mounting options: front or rear flange, bezel, and u-clamp
        • Capillary material: copper or stainless steel
        • Bulb material & dimensions: copper or stainless steel, 2-5/8" x 3/8" through 7-5/8" x 3/8"
        • The dial scale graduations are non-linear, therefore the highest degree of accuracy and readability is found in the upper half of the scale

             Note: Thermowells are recommended for pressure, corrosive fluids and high velocity


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        300 SERIES25-3002-1/2", brass case, bottom connection25-3102-1/2", brass case, back connection
        400 SERIES40-4004", all stainless, bottom connection40-4104", all stainless, back connection
        60-4006", all stainless, bottom connection60-4106", all stainless, back connection
        600 SERIES45-6404-1/2", phenolic case/brass bottom connection  
        700 SERIES45-7404-1/2", phenolic case/stainless bottom connection  
        900 SERIES40-9014", stainless case, brass bottom connection40-9114", stainless case, brass back connection
        GAUGE FILL FLUIDS0Dry gauge2-40° service
        MOUNTING OPTIONS0None3Rear flange2
        1Chrome front flange14Bezel & u-clamp3
        2Brass front flange15Stainless steel front flange4
        TEMPERATURE RANGES1-40 °F/°C to 60 °F/°C630 °F/°C to 180 °F/°C
        2-20 °F/°C to 120 °F/°C730 °F/°C to 240 °F/°C
        30 °F/°C to 250 °F/°C830 °F/°C to 300 °F/°C
        40 °F/°C to 300 °F/°C950 °F/°C to 350 °F/°C
        520 °F/°C to 220 °F/°C10100 °F/°C to 350 °F/°C
        CAPILLARY TYPES/MATERIALS1Plain copper3Plain stainless steel
        2Armored copper4Armored stainless steel
        CAPILLARY LENGTH##Specify in feet  
        BULB STYLES/MATERIALS1Plain copper31/2" NPT union copper
        2Plain stainless steel41/2 NPT union stainless steel
        BULB DIMENSIONS12-5/8" x 3/8"*64" x 3/8"
        24-1/2" x 3/8"79" x 3/8"
        38" x 3/8"87-5/8" x 3/8"
        43-1/2" x 3/8"156" x 1/2" 5
        56" x 3/8"  

           Please consult your local NOSHOK Distributor or NOSHOK, Inc. for availability and delivery information.

           * Not available for gauge sizes ≥4" or ≥16' capillary
           1 Only available on 300 Series
           2 Not available on 600/700 Series
           3 Only available on back connection case types
           4 Only available on 400, 600 & 900 Series
           5 4" gauge or larger requires 6" bulb

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