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          NOSHOK 204-91-16/160inH2O-1-43-71-TC Sanitary Pressure Transmitter

          • Brand:NOSHOK
          • Product Code: 204-91-16/160inH2O-1-43-71-TC
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          $2,588.55 $2,399.58

          NOSHOK 204-91-16/160inH2O-1-43-71-TC Sanitary Pressure Transmitter

          20 Series sanitary pressure transmitter is designed specifically for heavy-duty applications in the food and beverage industry where high accuracy, shock resistance and durability are required. The transmitter features pressure and temperature sensors mounted directly behind the diaphragm, which minimizes fill fluid, allows the use of a smaller diaphragm, and reduces the potential for damage. This provides active temperature compensation at the point of measurement to minimize temperature and position error. Diaphragms are laser-welded and helium leak-tested. In addition, turndown ratios up to 10:1 allow greater rangeability, minimizing required inventory.


          Options & Accessories


          20 Series Intelligent Silo & Tank Level Sanitary Pressure Trans

          SERIES       204   
          PROCESS CONNECTIONS90E&H Universal adapter short version95King Gage Standard - 6"
          91E&H Universal adapter long version96King Gage Long - 8"
          92Anderson Negele Type SL Short97Rosemount Tank Spud - 2"
          93Anderson Negele Type SL Long - 6"98Rosemount Tank Spud - 6"
          94King Gage Short99Tank Mate Medium - 6"
          16/160 inH2O16 inH2O to 160 inH2O (.06 psig to 6 psig)6/58 psig6 psig to 58 psig (160 inH2O to 1,600 inH2O)
          47/470 inH2O47 inH2O to to 470 inH2O (1.7 psig to 17 psig)  
          ACCURACIES10.1% of adjusted span  
          OUTPUT SIGNALS14 mA to 20 mA, 2-wire434 mA to 20 mA, 2-wire and Hart® signal
          ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS25M12 x 1 (4-pin)71PG9 Cable Gland
          281/2” NPT Female  
          OPTIONSTCTransparent Cover (for display)  
          Configured Price
          Part Number
          Base Price
          Process Connection
          E&H Universal adapter long version (+$1,008.68)
          Pressure Range
          16 to 160 inH2O (.06 to 6 psig)
          Output Signal
          4 to 20 mA, 2-wire and Hart signal (+$56.67)
          Electrical Connection
          PG9 cable gland
          Additional Option
          Transparent cover (for display) (+$79.34)


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