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        Noshok Compact SPDT Mechanical Switch With Adjustable Hysteresis- 300 series

        • Brand:NOSHOK
        • Product Code: 300 Series Compact SPDT Mechanical Switch
        • New 2022 Prices
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        *SERIES :
        *Switch Function:
        *SWITCH ADJUSTMENT RANGE (Maximum working pressure):
        *Process Connection:
        *Electrical Connection:

        300 Series Compact SPDT Mechanical Switch With Adjustable Hysteresis


        * Options attached to 18” cable
        ** For SPST only*** Not all options are available for all ranges, consult factory
        †   Other electrical connections available, consult the factory

         300V300 Vacuum Series300H300 High Pressure Series 
        300L300 Low Pressure Series   
        SWITCH FUNCTION1SPST, Normally open3SPDT 
        2SPST, Normally closed   
        PROCESS CONNECTION11/8″ NPT male33G 1/8B 
        21/4" NPT male457/16-20 SAE Male, Non-Adjustable 
        10G 1/4B   
        300V VACUUM PRESSURE SWITCH ADJUSTMENT RANGES (Max. working pressure)5/28-vac-5 inHg to -28 inHg (350 psig)   
        300L LOW PRESSURE SWITCH ADJUSTMENT RANGES (Max. working pressure)3/73 psig to 7 psig (870 psig)7/1207 psig to 120 psig (870 psig) 
        3/153 psig to 15 psig (870 psig)15/20015 psig to 200 psig (870 psig) 
        3/303 psig to 30 psig (870 psig)15/23015 psig to 230 psig (870 psig) 
        7/707 psig to 70 psig (870 psig)30/29030 psig to 290 psig (870 psig) 
        300H HIGH PRESSURE SWITCH ADJUSTMENT RANGES (Max. working pressure)100/220100 psig to 220 psig (5,000 psig)145/2320145 psig to 2,320 psig (5,000 psig) 
        145/435145 psig to 435 psig (5,000 psig)300/2900300 psig to 2,900 psig (5,000 psig) 
        145/1160145 psig to 1,160 psig (5,000 psig)300/3600300 psig to 3,600 psig (5,000 psig) 
        145/1750145 psig to 1,750 psig (5,000 psig)450/4600450 psig to 4,600 psig (5,000 psig) 
        ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS†136" Cable attached to option 8100Deutsch 2-Pin Male (DT04-2P)*, ** 
        8DIN EN 175301-803 Form A101Deutsch 3-Pin Male (DT04-3P)* 
        25M12 x 1 4-Pin103Deutsch 2-Pin Female Socket (DT06-2S)*, **
        363’ Integral Cable104Deutsch 3-Pin Female Socket (DT06-3S)* 
        66Deutsch Integral 2-Pin (DT04-2P) **110Weatherpack Tower, 3-Pin Female*
        96Weatherpack Tower, 2-Pin Female*, **111Weatherpack Tower, 3-Pin Male* 
        97Weatherpack Tower, 2-Pin Male*, **112Weatherpack Shroud, 3-Pin Female* 
        98Weatherpack Shroud, 2-Pin Female*, **113Weatherpack Shroud, 3-Pin Male* 
        99Weatherpack Shroud, 2-Pin Male*, **   
        OPTIONS ***EPEPDM Diaphragm (-10/250 °F)VTFKM Diaphragm (0/250 °F) 
        HNBRLow Temp Nitrile (-40/110 °F)SS316 SS Wetted Materials 



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