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          Noshok 804-MB 1/2 NPT, Male, Brass, Hard Seat Bleed Valve

          • Brand:NOSHOK
          • Product Code: 804-MB
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          804-MB 1/2 NPT, Male, Brass, Hard Seat Bleed Valve

          800/850 Series Bleed, Hard Seat & Soft Tip Needle Valves


          [800/850 Series Bleed, Hard Seat & Soft Tip Needle Valves]

              Bleed valves provide a convenient means to relieve process pressures
              trapped between a shut off valve and the instrument
              Uses the same bonnet assemblies of the 100/150 Series mini valves with
              an integrated single threaded body for insertion in vent port
              Soft tip valves feature a patented Delrin® non-rotating soft tip stem, and
              a back-up metal-to-metal seal (U.S. Patent 6,820,857)
              100% helium leak tested to 1 x 10-4 ml/s for guaranteed performance and
              reliability 10,000 psi hard seat pressure rating @ 200 °F
              Available in zinc-nickel plated steel, electropolished stainless steel, and brass
              FKM o-ring seal and PTFE back-up ring below the stem threads to protect
              from corrosion and galling; PTFE or Grafoil® (800 Series only) packing optional
              All stems are 316 stainless steel
              All stem threads are rolled for strength and ease of operation
              0.159" bleed port
              Patented body-to-bonnet, metal-to-metal seal is designed to significantly
              increase the pressure range of the valve (U.S. Patent 7,758,014)

          Dimensions Options Print Catalog Page
          Product Specifications     Reference Information     Trademark Information
          Options Reference Chart           

          Printable PDF
          SERIES     8     800/850 Series, hard seat/soft tip                       
          CONNECTION SIZES     02     Hard seat 1/4" NPT     52     Delrin® soft tip 1/4" NPT           
          04     Hard seat 1/2" NPT     54     Delrin® soft tip 1/2" NPT           
          VALVE TYPES     MC     Male, Steel     MS     Male, Stainless Steel     MB     Male, Brass

              Please consult your local NOSHOK Distributor or NOSHOK, Inc. for availability and delivery information.
          [800/850 Series Bleed, Hard Seat & Soft Tip Needle Valves Part Number Diagram]

          To meet all of your specific application requirements, the following additional options are available for these needle valves. To order all or any of these options, simply add them to the part number as shown in the diagram below.
          NOTE 1: The example shown includes ALL possible additional options. Please include ONLY the options required for your application when building your part number. (EXAMPLE: 802-MC-EM1)
          NOTE 2: When a packing option is selected, an o-ring option is NOT available.
          ORDERING INFORMATION - Additional Options
          Printable PDF
          PACKINGS†     P1     PTFE     P2     Grafoil®**           
          STEM TIPS     T1     Non-rotating (316 stainless)     T4     PEEK***     T7     Ball (ceramic)**
                T2     Delrin® (Acetal )***     T5     Ball (440C stainless)**     T8     Ball (Monel)**
                T3     PCTFE***     T6     Ball (carbide)**           
          O-RINGS*     EM1     EPDM     KZ1     FFKM (Kalrez® 3018 or equivalent)     NB1     NBR
          HANDLES     HL2     2-1/2" "T"**     HL4     1-3/8" Phenolic**     HL5     1-3/4" Phenolic**
                HL3     1" Round knurled                       


          † If a packing option is chosen, maximum pressure rating is 6,000 psi. Refer to the "Pressure vs Temperature: Packing Style with Compatible Fluid" chart.

          *   Other o-ring materials available on request.
          **  For 800 Series only.
          *** For 850 Series only.

          Please note that the standard o-ring in all the NOSHOK valves is FKM and the standard handles are 1" round knurled handles (HL3) on brass, and 1-3/8" mini "T" handles (HL7) on stainless steel and steel.

          The handle material will always match the material of the valve, unless otherwise specified. For example, the mini "T" handle (HL7) on the 802-MC will be steel. When only the standard configuration is needed, no additional designations are necessary. Please consult the factory for special application requests.
          [800/850 Series Bleed, Hard Seat & Soft Tip Needle Valves Ordering Information Additional Options Chart]

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