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        Noshok 100-06-1-20-46-0-0 2 -3/4 Tri-Clamp 2 inch Bottom Conn 0 psig To 60 psig Fractional Sanitary Pressure Gauge

        • Brand:NOSHOK
        • Product Code: 100-06-1-20-46-0-0
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        Noshok100-06-1-20-46-0-0 2 Sanitary Gauge 3/4 Tri-Clamp Bottom Conn 0 psig To 60 psig

        2 Sanitary Gauge 3/4 Tri-Clamp Bottom Conn 0 psig To 60 psig

        • 3/4" clamp, dry gauge
        • Ranges from 0 psig to 30 psig through 0 psig to 600 psig
        • 2" gauge size
        • Electropolished Stainless Steel case
        • 316 Stainless Steel wetted parts
        • Meets current standards for 3A
        • C.I.P, S.I.P and Autoclave (only dry gauges are recommended for Autoclave)
        • Ideal for applications including food & beverage processing, pasteurization systems, pharmaceutical and medical

        10 Series Fractional Sanitary Pressure Gauges

        Application Brochures
         Food & Beverage

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        SERIES10010 Series fractional      
        CLAMP SIZE063/4"      
        SEAL FILL FLUID1GlycerinOther food grade quality fill fluids available - please consult factory
        GAUGE SIZE202"      
        PRESSURE RANGES430 psig to 30 psig550 psig to 160 psig640 psig to 400 psig  
        460 psig to 60 psig580 psig to 200 psig700 psig to 600 psig  
        490 psig to 100 psig610 psig to 300 psig    
        OPTIONS0None3Safety Glass Lens (Required for Autoclave applications) 

        Please consult your local NOSHOK Distributor or NOSHOK, Inc. for availability and delivery information.


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